Sports & fitness instructors

Key information

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What’s it like?

Although the number of full time vacancies is low, 43% of sports & fitness instructors are self-employed. Self-employed earnings tend to be between 30-45% less than those with a full time job.

Dennis completed a personal trainer and gym instructor course.

Pros: “It’s great interacting with people every day and seeing how you can make a difference to people’s health and keep fit at the same time!”

Cons: “I’d like to have more clients, and it can be hard to keep existing ones. That means I’m not earning as much as I’d like to be.”


What qualifications are available and where can you study it?

Milton Keynes College

Location: Woughton Campus West, Chaffron Way, Leadenhall, Milton Keynes, MK6 5LP

Courses include: Level 2 Diploma in Sports Studies, Level 2 Certifiate in Fitness Instructing, Level 2 Fitness Instructing and Wellbeing Excellence


What apprenticeships are available?

Activity leadership


Coaching — swimming

Exercise and fitness — personal training